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Lords AI report warns of 'big five' data grabs and ethical failures


In a wide-ranging report on artificial intelligence in the UK, the House of Lords has called for greater regulation of AI and asked industry to match government retraining funds

The House of Lords has urged the government to get a grip on algorithmic bias and stop large technology companies from monopolising control of data in its wide-ranging report into the use and development of artificial intelligence in the UK.

After nearly ten months of collecting evidence from more than 200 witness, including government officials, academics and companies, the Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence called on the government to use the Competition and Markets Authority to stop large technology companies operating in the UK from monopolising the control of data. “We must make sure that [UK companies] do have access [to datasets] and it isn't all stitched up by the big five, or whoever it might be,” says the chair of the committee, Lord Timothy Clement-Jones – pointing the finger at Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft.

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