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Oxford University spin-out Bodle scores £6M Series A for its low-powered ‘reflective’ display tech

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Bodle Technologies is developing SRD®, the world’s first solid-state reflective display technology, based on phase-change materials. Providing vivid colour and video-capability, with zero energy use for static image storage, the technology is ideally suited to address the issues of poor outdoor readability and high power consumption associated with transmissive and emissive displaysy

The battery life of wearables, IoT devices, and smartphones remains one of the tech industry’s biggest challenges and often a significant barrier to mainstream adoption. (I, for one, can’t think of anything more tedious than having to charge a watch every night). There are various ways to tackle this problem, from better power management software and more efficient chips, to incremental advances in battery life. But actually, considering that the biggest drain on battery life is usually a power hungry screen, why not tackle the problem at source?

Enter Bodle Technologies, a startup spun out of Oxford University, that is developing a new type of ‘reflective’ display technology that promises to use a lot less power. In fact, in some states the screen tech may require almost no power at all.

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