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The World Needs More Scientists: How We Can Train Millions in Virtual Labs

© Gorbash Varvara / Shutterstock

Following on that personal computing revolution, software is now digitizing much of the world and providing access to tools and resources never before available to many

California wild fires, melting arctic ice caps, and record setting temperatures suggest our climate is dramatically changing with potentially catastrophic outcomes for our species. Add to that an increase in the threat of infectious disease, disruptions to our planet’s food production, and water scarcity some warn could lead to armed conflict in the future.

We face many very real problems, and science and technology can contribute very real solutions. But according to Michael Bodekaer, a Danish education professional and entrepreneur, there’s not nearly enough trained scientists to address these dangers.

In a recent conversation with Singularity Hub, Bodekaer pointed out that in the US alone, almost 60% of students in STEM fields drop out of their studies (a claim supported by government-reported attrition rates).

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