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China unveils three year plan to dominate AI

Chongqing, south-west China

China has unveiled a three year action plan to take the lead in the world's burgeoning artificial intelligence industry. The plan is driven from the top of the Chinese government.

Calling for a new economy, Technology Review reports that China is setting out to mass-produce neural-network processing chips; construct robots designed to make daily tasks easier for those with disabilities; and developing machine learning will help radiologists read X-ray scans.

China moving ahead of the U.S. with AI?

The plan also spell out how China aims to make its artificial intelligence manufacturing more environmentally friendly and, at the same time, to make energy efficiency of its manufacturing sector 10 percent more efficient by 2020. Other aspects reveal the contradictions with modern China: the combination of a capitalist economy and an authoritarian state. Here the ideas include using artificial intelligence to predict crimes; systems for lending money; devices to track people on the country’s ubiquitous closed-circuit cameras; technology to alleviate traffic jams; military applications like improving self-guided missile systems; and continuing censoring of the Internet.

Read more from Digital Journal here.

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