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Somaliland election marks first time an African state will use iris-scan biometric technology

© Teresa Krug @ Flickr

Somaliland is preparing for its third independent presidential election and in preparation for this has invited over 60 international election observers, including members of the UNPO staff, to Hargeisa. This election is especially important as it marks the first time that an African state will use iris-scan biometric technology. Observers will be examining all aspects of the election from pre-election campaigning, the access to media to the voting itself. The election, set to be held on 13 November, also marks the first time that an incumbent president does not seek re-election in the country.

International observers are hoping for a successful and peaceful Presidential elections in the breakaway region of Somaliland.

The first members of a team of 60 international election observers arrived in Hargeisa on Friday ahead of the November 13 polls.

The British government funded International Election Observation Mission (EOM) was invited by Somaliland's National Electoral Commission (NEC).

These is the third presidential election in Somaliland and the first poll to use a new voter registration system which itself marks the first use of iris-scan biometric technology in an African election.

Read more from UNPO here.

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